Landmark provides expert advocacy, market insights, and strategic guidance to help developers achieve their real estate vision. With a deep understanding of industry trends and opportunities, we enhance your development portfolio and optimize returns on your investments

Skills & Services.

Void Analysis & Feasibility Studies
Provides clients with comprehensive assessments to determine the viability and potential of real estate projects, guiding them towards informed investment decisions.
Land Assemblage & Contract Negotiation
Empowers clients to strategically acquire and consolidate parcels of land, backed by meticulous analysis and skillful negotiation to optimize their development opportunities.
Pre-development Analysis & Modeling
Equips clients with data-driven insights and predictive modeling to make informed decisions at the earliest project stages, ensuring a solid foundation for successful development.
Rezoning, Entitlement, and City Incentives
Guides clients through the complex process of securing land-use approvals, entitlements, and incentives unlocking the full potential of their real estate projects.
Retail & Mixed-Use Tenant Curation
Assists clients in strategically selecting and attracting a diverse range of tenants to create vibrant, retail & mixed-use developments, enhancing the overall appeal and success of their projects.
Due Diligence Support
Meticulous analysis and comprehensive support throughout the due diligence process, ensuring that every aspect of a potential project is thoroughly evaluated and understood.